mudzie and pezlo

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 Hello, you have been selected to take on the impossible misson of retrieving the Bacon of God. Your goal is simple : to find the bacon. To start off, you are going to jump out of helicopter onto a jet ski, which you will you to get across the Atlantic Ocean. Next you will enter the country of Tebecador, which is off the coast of Iceland. You will infiltrate the base of the clan known as the Black Bacon. Elimate the guards with your water gun you will be issued. Slapping people in the face is encouraged. When you reach the bacon, simply put in the password to the safe and take it. The password is QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM. Go and meet will Lt. Colonel Surgeon General Private Corpoal 1st Sergent Major Brigader Arnoidins Scwertkeriwertzinhigger. Your reward is a slice of the Almight Bacon of God.


Now go, time is against you.

Love, The Chicco Stick